Beslan School, Friday September 3, 2004.

A voice from Beslan is heard,
Lamentation and bitter weeping:
Mother Russia crying for her children
And refusing to be comforted,
Because they are not.

Adaptation, Matthew 2:18;
Jeremiah 31:15.

Gaeilge – Irish
Cloistear guth as Beslan,
Caoineadh agus gol géar:
An Rúis Mháthair ag caoineadh a leanaí
Is ag diúltú do gach sólás,
Mar nach bhfuil siad.

Athchóiriú, Matha 2:18;
Irimia 31:15.

Cymraeg – Welsh
Mae cri i'w chlywed o Feslan,
Crio chwerw a galaru mawr:
Rwsia Fam yn llefain am ei phlant
Gan wrthod pob cysur,
Am nad ydynt.

Addasiad, Mathew 2:18;
Jeremiah 31:15.

Here in Wales we are reminded of the tragedy of Aberfan in October 1966 when 144 people, including 116 children, were killed when a man-made mountain of coal slurry avalanched on to their little school.

We still remember the wave of sympathy and support from all over the world, including the then Soviet Union.

We realise that though the USA may be the head of Europe, Russia is its heart.

We realise too that what happened in Beslan is the worst and most obscene atrocity in Europe since 1945.

Gorbachev's dream of "a common house of Europe" is in ruins as our continent once again becomes the "old sow that eats her farrow"
(Joyce: Ulysses15.4582-3).

Among the very few Russian words most people know is the beautiful 'babuschka' ('granny'), familiar to us from the Christmas legend. All hearts go out to every mother, father, sister, brother and babuschka who is crying in Beslan today.

O Russia, Mother Russia, when you weep, we weep.


September 11, 2001.

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