Ireland’s Great Famine Remembered in Cardiff, Wales.

The Wales Famine Forum.
This society, now a registered charity, was set up in Cardiff in 1995 to ensure that the 150th anniversary years of the Great Famine (1845 – 1849) were marked in Wales in some special way.
The main results were:

1. The Wales National Great Famine Memorial.
This memorial to those who died in Ireland’s Great Famine was unveiled and dedicated in the Cathay’s Cemetery in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, on Wednesday March 17, 1999 – Saint Patrick’s Day.

Cofio’r Newyn Mawr yng Nghaerdydd.
An account in Welsh.

2. The Green Dragon
A magazine in English. Ten editions were published.

3. Y Ddraig Werdd
Cylchgrawn yn y Gymraeg. Cyhoeddiwyd dau argraffiad. / A magazine in Welsh. Two editions were published.

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