The Green Dragon No 13, August 2011.

Welcome to The Green Dragon No 13 which is the third online only version of our former printed publication. The contents consist of items which we have received since publishing The Green Dragon No 12 in 2005.

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Table of Contents

1. © Things that never happen in the mountains
A short play about Dylan Thomas set on the Great Blasket Island in County Kerry.
The author, Simon Francis Hambrook, says:
I was born in Limerick City, then, at exactly 10 days old I was brought to the Blasket Island, where I lived for a year (two springs and two summers!). My history is very unusual, comprising of many islands, due to my Mother’s love of islands.

2. © Musicians in a cave
This is another contribution by Simon Francis Hambrook. It tells of an impromptu Irish music session in a sea cave on the Great Blasket Island.

3. © Rescued by the Irish Navy
Simon Francis Hambrook makes it a hat trick with this account of how a small warship of the Irish Navy delivered vitally needed medication to the author while he was visiting the Great Blasket Island. He suffers from diabetes and ran out of his tablets unexpectedly.
Another visitor used a mobile phone to call a chemist in Dún Chaoin (Dunquin) who, aware that the small warship was in the area, arranged for a very special delivery to Simon.

© Stormbound on the Blasket
The inclusion of this article, first published in The Green Dragon 11 Summer 2002, in this edition also is relevant because in it the writer, Paul Buttle, describes the small group with which he shared the experience. He states that among them was a young man who looked like the singer, Donovan. That young stormbound holidaymaker was none other than Simon Francis Hambrook.

We welcome contributions that relate to Ireland, Wales or to any links between our two homelands.
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