You had to cope in poverty

as Wales sneered at you;

you're one of that odd tribe

praying into your pint.

In filth on every rubbish pile,

you navvied every tunnel mile.

Out of the chains of hardship

modestly you slipped

to walk now in dignity

from the gutter to a life of plenty.

Give only half your creed

to us who are the selfsame breed.

Gan / By: John Glyn Jones.

Published in Barddas, Number 296, January-February 2008, page 3.

I wish to express my thanks to Alan Llwyd, Editor of Barddas, for allowing me to put it on this website in Welsh together with this version.

Translation: Barry Tobin, 16 March 2008.

Cymraeg / Welsh

Gaeilge / Irish