There's an Irishman in the Town

There's an Irishman in the town -

John Joe O'Flaherty is his name!

Things around here are so bloody slack

Let's go down now to get a bit of craic:

His beard 'tis enormous,

There's a fiddle beneath his chin,

He looks all so young -

And as old as old can be,

And indeed he does some things

That he should never do at all,

And there are people here gone quite mad -

But what can anyone do?

The Irishman, he is big, drunk, crazy and wild!

The drinkers and the headers are gathering in droves,

The rockers and the ruffians are jigging non stop,

The farms they are exploding,

The cows are all going away,

And the little red cheeked policeman is asking "Is everything OK?"

It's John Joe arriving, he's belting a bodhran,

And remembering every single bit,

There's all hell up on the mountain,

There's all hell in all parts.

His curls they are bobbing,

His eyes are gone to blazes,

And everyone is laughing

As they hear the words of his song -

The Irishman, he is handsome, generous, witty and grand - yea!

There's an Irishman in the town -

John Joe O'Flaherty is his name!

Things have been looking up

Since he came on the scene -

There are no layoffs in the factory poteen!

O John Joe - stay with us, you decent Irish boy!

We'll build a one night house in Pant Corlan yr Wyn

And if it's home you want to go -

Well have a grand trip!

And we will carry on

Carry on with the job

Of being big, being drunk being crazy

And being wild - craic in Welsh!

Translation (November 2010): Barry Tobin.