Holy Communion – an ancient Christian tradition

A First Communion story from the Aran Islands.
Máirtín Ó Direáin (1910 – 1988) recalls how he came to make his second Confession and to receive his First Communion on the same day.

A First Communion in Wales.
An old Irish hawker makes his First Communion near the closing of his days.

Les Communicantes.
‘The Communicants’: a poem by Émile Nelligan: 1879 – 1941.
In French with a translation into English.

Short, theological, laconic: the late and great R.S.Thomas (1913–2000) at his enigmatic best.

This famed Church in Wales clergyman describes an Anglican Communion Service at Christmas in a few short and vivid phrases.

Martha Blake
A vivid description by Austin Clarke (1896 – 1974) of a woman receiving Holy Communion in 1950s Dublin.

Gile Mo Chroí – The Light of My Heart

The first verse (in Irish and in English) of a famous Communion poem from the 18th century.

A Hymn for Holy Communion
Youtube: a simple but beautiful Communion hymn from the ancient Orthodox tradition.

Here it is sung in an English version by an unidentified Orthodox choir in the USA.

Going to Holy Communion old style
Youtube: at a traditional Latin Mass in Paris. The priest speaks and sings in Latin but the choir sings in French!

L’amour d’une Mère
‘The Love of a Mother’, is a short and, for me at least, a surprising poem by the novelist, Victor Hugo, in which the love of a mother for her children seems to be compared with God’s love for those who receive Holy Communion at Mass.
I found it on a memorial card in a friend’s old flat in Spain and wrote it down on an envelope while tea was being prepared...
In French with a translation into English.

The Hands of My Father
A poem in Breton that celebrates with stunning precision what it means to be a father, what it means to be a priest...
In Breton with translations into English and other languages.