An Irish Christmas Night

Oh! let me tear aside the veil that curtains off the years,
Oh! let me cast away life's dower of sadness and of tears
And find again the peace and joy that used to shine so bright
When as a child, I revelled in an Irish Christmas Night.

Oh! let me see a white-washed home beside a country lane,
The holly glistening on the walls, a candle in the pane,
And let me glimpse those eyes that shone with rapture and delight
When round a blazing fire of turf we sat on Christmas Night.

Oh! let me hear the tales once told, the laughter that used ring,
The jokes and banter we would frame, the songs we loved to sing.
O let me feel a mother's love embrace me in its light
As once it did, long, long ago, upon a Christmas Night.

Oh! far my feet have roved since then and much my eyes have scanned.
I've glimpsed the finest structures the mind of men e'er planned.
But all the glory earth can claim, its spendour and its might
Seem small in view to one who knew an Irish Christmas Night.

: Nancy Kelleher, c/o: 'Contact', Rusheen, Coachford, County Cork.

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