A Saint Patrick's Day E-mail and Reply

Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 19:11:28 +0000
From: masseytown@yahoo.ie

Subject: Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

To 'undisclosed recipients'...

Wishing each and every one of you, family and friends wherever you may be, the best of Irish luck on Paddy's great and blessèd day..

So let ye all get on with the craic tomorrow...


The above was my message to family and friends far and near.

I received some very kind and friendly replies.

The following, from fellow Irishman and resident of Wales, John McDonnell, is my number one which I reproduce here with his permission.


Dear Patrick,

Thank you for your good wishes for St Pat's day.

I didn't exactly experience  the craic, but it was nevertheless a good day.

I remember as a kid, my grandmother would always provide a wee package of the shamrock. Now she was one who knew the meaning of the craic, she enjoyed her bottle of stout and how she could sing. 

How I wish I had my time again to get to know her better.

Unfortunately my grandfather died when I was just a baby. The parents on my mother's side (the McKennas) were both dead before my mam and sister were 3, they then lived with their uncle who died shortly afterwards and they were then brought up in a convent.

My (favourite) aunt is 84 now and I love to visit her, she has nothing and gives everything - a real Mensch!  a real Human Being.



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