Saint Patrick’s Day: Links

In the Picture: illustrations of Saint Patrick and of Saint Patrick’s Day

1. A stamp for Saint Patrick
This beautiful stamp was recently issued by An Post, the body responsible for postal services in the Republic of Ireland.
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2. Saint Patrick's Day long ago...
This painting by Scottish artist Erskine Nicol, who died in 1904, depicting St Patrick’s Day festivities in Co Dublin more than 150 years ago has been unveiled by the National Gallery of Ireland as part of its celebrations of the national holiday.
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3. An icon of Saint Patrick
From an Orthodox church in the United States.
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In the mood! — a tune and a song!

1.Saint Patrick’s Day
A great lively tune, heard all over the world on this blessèd day — sure wasn’t it Saint Patrick himself who composed it!

2. Saint Patrick’s Night in San Fernando
The great Christy Moore at his almighty best!

Long long ago …

1. Ghost of ‘45’
The words of a contemporary song from Cork about the total disaster that was the Great Famine in Ireland...

2. The Burns family: to Cardiff from Clonakilty
How they got to Cardiff during the dark famine years.

3. The Sweeney family: from Cork and Waterford to Cardiff
Love, shipwreck and a long walk got them to Cardiff.

4. From Mullinavat to Bargoed
Ben ‘Blow’ Whelan was a seven‑year‑old emigrant from Ireland when he arrived in the Rhymney Valley towards the end of the 19th century...

5. The wanderer finds some peace at last
An Irish vagrant in 19th century Monmouthshire rediscovers the faith of his lost childhood…

6. The Irish who Died on the Rideau Canal in Canada
An unlikely and tragic chapter in the history of the Irish in Canada before the Great Famine.
The banks of the Rideau Canal in Canada are strewn with the unmarked graves of workers – most of them Irish labourers – who, between 1827 and 1832, died building the 200 kilometre waterway between Ottawa and Kingston.

A poem in Welsh with a translation in English.


1. Orphaned by a torpedo
Nora’s parents were killed when a German submarine torpedoed a ferry during WW1.

2. A Mayoman dies in Pontypridd
A tribute by his Welsh daughter…

3. From the slopes of Muskerry…
What Gabrielle said at the funeral of her Irish grandmother in Cardiff.

4. The Famine Cross
A tribute in verse to the Wales National Great Famine Memorial in Cardiff’s Cathays Cemetery.

St.Patrick’s Day

1. Naomh Pádraig is na Gaeil

“Dóchas linn Naomh Pádraig...”
Saint Patrick and the people of Ireland: in Irish only.

2. St. Patrick in Frederick Street
In Cardiff – where else!

3. St. Patrick’s Day in the Klondike
Maybe there was gold in the hills but the Irish left their digging to wet the shamrock!.

4. Hail Glorious St. Patrick
The hymn that has acquired some of the status of a national anthem. Sung but once a year, it is mawkish and sentimental but it still manages to bring pride to the heart and a tear to the eye…

5. Saint Patrick in history
A fairly comprehensive overview from County Down.

6.Deus Noster
A medieval Irish lyric in Latin translated into English by James Carney who uses the more familiar and popular title, ‘Saint Patrick’s Creed’.

7. Saint Patrick Plans a Return Trip!
A humourous approach to this most human of saints.

8. The Saint Patrick’s Battalion
Boston singer David Rovics tells the story of the Irish who fought against the United States in the 1848 war against Mexico.

9. One Man’s Hero
In this exciting and poignant American film about the St. Patrick’s Battalion, the Mexicans and their heroic Irish volunteers seem more sinned against than sinning.

10. The Saint Patrick’s Battalion on Wikipedia

11. A painting of the mass execution
In September 1848, following the American victory in the war, about 20 ‘San Patricios’, courtmartialed and condemned as traitors to the USA, were hanged.

12. A Saint Patrick’s Day E-mail and Reply
An impressive reply to an ordinary greeting sent by email on the Eve of Saint Pat’s, Monday 16 March 2009.

13. It gets Pat Donnelly’s Irish up...
An Irish‑Canadian looks at the revival of the 1990 opera, Nelligan, by Opéra de Montréal as Saint Patrick’s Day 2010 approaches.

Yn y Gymraeg / In Welsh

1. Padi. cân gan ‘Mynediad am Ddim’.

O Ddonegal i Gymru fe ddaeth yn grwydryn...
From Donegal to Wales he came, the wanderer of the roads...

With a translation into English.


2. Gwyddel yn y Dre.: Cân gan Bob Delyn a’r Ebillion.

Hwyl a sbri a ddaw i’r dafarn yn y dre gyda’r Gwyddel gwyllt...
The wild Irishman brings fun and frolics to the tavern in the town...

3. Gwyddel gan John Glyn Jones.

A tribute to the Irish in Wales...

With translations in English and in Irish.

4. Y Tarmacwyr gan Myrddin Ap Dafydd.

The travelling people came from Mayo every summer to tarmac the drives of the homes of Wales…
A poem in Welsh with a translation in English.

5. Pererin gan Vernon Jones.

Bu farw ‘Mac’ ar ochr un o heolydd Cymru.

An old Irishman dies alone on a roadside in Wales…

With a translation into English.

6. Gwyddel y Pentre Gwyn gan 'Anthropos' (Robert David Rowland, 1853 - 1944)

A brief encounter with an old Irish pedlar changed the life of the 12 year old 'Anthropos' for ever.

With translations into English and Irish.

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