O for a life of sanctifying

O for a life of sanctifying
The holy pure name of my God,
And submitting to his will
And his governance as long as I live;
To live by vowing and paying,
By becoming strong
in his grace
Which is garnered in Christ,
To overcome on the field.

O that I may spend my days
In a life of exalting his blood;
Hiding quietly under his shade,
Living and dying by his feet;
Carrying the cross,
and continuing to raise it,
For it is the cross of my Beloved,
Delighting in his Person,
And adoring him forever in God.

A Brother against Hardship
Here is a Brother who was born to us
Against hardship and every ailment;
Faithful is he, full of mercy
Worthy of being praised more:
Freer of captives,
Physician of the sick,
A direct way to Zion he is;
A bright spring, life of the dead,
An ark to save man is God.

tr. 2009 Richard B Gillion