“And The First Shall Be Last...”

This is a true story is about an incident which took place during a BA flight from Johannesburg to London:

A white woman, about 50 years old, took her seat next to a black man. Outraged, she called the Stewardess. The Stewardess: “ How may I help you, madam?”

The Woman: “Donít you see it? You have placed me next to a black man. I will not put up with being next to such a disgusting individual. Please give me another seat!”

The Stewardess: “Please keep calm, practically every seat on the plane has been taken. I will check to see if there is still one available.”

The Stewardess moved away and returned a few minutes later:

“Madam, just as I thought, there is not a single seat left in the Economy Class. I have spoken to the Supervisor who has confirmed that there are no more available. However, we still have one seat vacant in the First Class.”

Before the white woman had a chance to say a word the Stewardess went on: “It is quite exceptional for our airline to allow someone to transfer to a seat in the First Class, even if they have a seat in the economy Class. However, under the circumstances, the Supervisor considers that it would be a scandal to compel someone to sit next to such a disgusting individual...”

The Stewardess then turned to the black man and said: “So, if you wish, you may bring your hand luggage along because there is a seat waiting for you in the First Class”

All the passengers, who had been present and in shock during this drama, rose to their feet and applauded...


The original story was Taken from a German source.

Cymraeg / Welsh

A translation from the German / trosiad o’r Almaeneg.

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