John Iorwerth Davies:
'Pat O'Brien 1910 - 1953'

This book was published yn 2003 by 'Cymroddoriaeth Talaith a Chadair Powys'. Its price was £4-00 and it soon went out of print.

To ensure that copies would be available for the Newport National Eisteddfod the lecture organiser, Barry Tobin, received permission from the author and his publisher to reprint.
100 copies were reprinted at Barry Tobin's personal expense.


The book is an A5 paperback. It includes 40 pages with 15 photographs (photos 3 – 15 in black and white) as follows:

1) On the front cover a red and white photograph showing Pat O'Brien in his prime with the full title overprinted thus: " Pat O'Brien 1910-1953, Schoolmaster and Eisteddfod Conductor".

2) Inside the front cover the same red and white photograph as above, but without overprinting or caption.

3. Page 2:

"Poplar Cottage Llanfihanel yng Ngwynfa where Pat O'Brien was born in 1910."

4) Page 3:

"Pat O'Brien as a young boy."

5) Page 3:

"Mary O'Brien 1881–1956 at the School House, Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant c. 1950."

6. Page 8 (full page):

"E.D.O'Brien and Jack Parry in one of their 'sketches'."

7. Page 9 (full page):

"Children of Llangadfan School in 1929. Pat O'Brien, on the left with Mrs. Elizabeth Francis beside him. The headmaster, David Pierce Roberts on the right."

8. Page 10 (full page):

"David Pierce Roberts, Headmaster, a teacher, Miss Elizabeth Francis and Edward David 'Pat' O'Brien, pupil–teacher, Llangadfan School. 'Pat' O'Brien was a pupil–teacher at the school from November 1, 1928 to September 30, 1929."

9. Page 14:

" 'The Green' School, Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant, where E.D.O'Brien was Head Master from 1933 to 1953."

10. Page 16 (full page):

"Children of the Church School Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant in 1939 with the Head Master Mr. E.D. O'Brien on the left, a teacher, Ellen May Hughes, beside him and Edna Davies on the right."

11. Page 17:

"The Youth Centre in Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant c. 1950 with Pat O'Brien standing on the right."

12. Page 19 (full page):

"The Revd. D. Jacob Davies and Pat O'Brien, two eisteddfod conductors."

13. Page 22:

(Three photographs in one across the top half of the page with the collective headline:
"Midnight finish for Eisteddfod"):
(left picture): "Blodwen Evans Jones, the taller girl, of Rhiw, Denbigh, who won the recitation under sixteen, and Evelyn Jones, Glasfryn, who was second."
(centre picture): "Mr. Pat O'Brien who conducted the Eisteddfod."
(right picture): "Huw Davies, Llangynog, who won both the solo under 10 and the recitation under ten."

14. Page 25 (almost a full page):

"Pat O'Brien with his mother Mary O'Brien towards the end of his life."

15. Page 29 (full page):

"Memorial to Pat O'Brien in Llanfihangel yng Ngwynfa cemetery."

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