A Prayer for Emigrants

Oh Jesus, Who in the first days of Thy life on earth, wast compelled to leave the the land of Thy birth, and, with Mary Thy loving Mother and St. Joseph, to endure in Egypt the hardships and povery of emigrants, turn Thine eyes in mercy upon our people who, in search of employment, are forced to leave their native land. Far away from all that is dear to them, and faced with the difficulties of a new life they are often exposed to grave temptations and dangers to the salvation of their souls.

Be Thou, O Lord, their guide upon their way, their support in labour, their consolation in sorrow, their strength in temptation. Keep them loyal to their Faith, free from sin, and faithful to all their family ties.

Grant that, when this life's journey is ended, we may all be united in the blessedness of our heavenily home. Amen.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, protect our emigrants.

(350 days indulence: authorised by Pope Pius XI)

(From an old document in the possession of John O’Sullivan, Press Officer / PRO, Wales Famine Forum).

Published in The Green Dragon No. 11, Summer 2002