Seán Mac Réamoinn: A Great Friend of Wales

Journalist, broadcaster, Irish and Welsh language and music enthusiast Seán Mac Réamoinn, died in early January 2007 at the age of 85. He was a good friend to Wales and to the Irish in Wales. He was always there with advice, help and encouragement during the formative years of the Wales Famine Forum. He will be sadly missed.

Seán was a member of the Gorsedd with the Bardic name of ‘Siôn Garmon’ on the grounds that the Irish for Wexford, Loch Garman (‘Lough Garman’), is a Gaelicisation of the Welsh, ‘Llwch Garmon’.

Seán was one of the speakers when the Wales National Great Famine Memorial was unveiled and dedicated at Cathays Cemetery in Cardiff on Saint Patrick’s Day, 1999. This was a real celebration: a remembering of things past but with a mind and heart to the future. Seán was there in our midst, a splendid cheerleader who led, encouraged and inspired. That event, and those held annually since, was also a commemoration of Ireland's Great Famine and of the thousands who crossed the Irish Sea in its wake. By the 1860s there more than 70 Irish ghettos in Cardiff alone and many more in the valleys.

Seán was also party to the launching of an Irish language magazine, An Briathar Saor, the first magazine of its kind ever published in Wales. It was launched at the Wales National Eisteddfod, Llandeilo, in August 1994 by Seánand his good friend Harri Pritchard‑Jones, a doctor, writer and broadcaster from Cardiff. Seán spoke in Welsh and Harri in Irish! Alas, that pioneering magazine only lasted four editions.

However, Comhluadar Caerdydd, the group of Irish speakers responsible for that initiative, were also responsible for arranging a public meeting in November 1994 that led directly to the formation of the Wales Famine Forum.

We are immensely grateful to Seán Uasal Mac Réamoinn for being there all the time to help us along the road. We are privileged to be joined today by Seaán’s daughter and son, Seona and Brian.

Ceremony of Remembrance and Reflection 2007

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