Love, Justice, Trade.


The heart of Christianity is expressed through practical action.
Early Christians had a vision of community. It was as a body, every part of value, working together. If one part suffered, all suffered.
We are part of a global community. It is our love for those members who are poor and exploited that moves us to seek justice.


Responsible relationships remove the causes of poverty.
Is it more loving to bind up the wounds, or remove the causes of poverty? God speaks in the Old Testament of his desire for justice. That means practical action to remove the causes of poverty and question the way society is run.


Carried out with love and justice benefits both rich and poor nations.
Trade is about partnership – and fair trade gives the poor equal access to opportunities and benefits.
Fair trade is about working to remove the causes of poverty. It is about awareness of our part as consumers in a global community.
Fairer trade can help people work their way out of poverty.
Working together we can bring an end to the unfair systems of trade which trap the poor.
We can make a difference for those who are exploited by current trading practices.
Join us to bring love and justice in trade.


Trading for a fairer world.

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Quote 1:

“A poor man’s field may produce abundant food, but injustice sweeps it away” : Proverbs 13: 23.

Quote 2: “Don’t take pity, take action!” :
World Development Movement, 25 Beehive Place, London SW9 7QR. Tel: 00 44 71 737 6215.

Published in The Green Dragon No 5, Winter, 1997.